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Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything when it comes to your child's teeth. Be sure to have your child evaluated by an AAO orthodontist to check for abnormalities and orthodontic treatment needs. Some things to look for are openbites, crossbites, crowding, spacing, habits, thumb sucking, and tongue habits. Be sure to have your child checked by age 7 for early intervention or treatment if needed.

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Open Bites in Young Patients

How does a young patient like this 7 year old present with an open bite? Open bites can be caused by many factors: thumb sucking, tongue tie, pacifier use in late years, skeletal imbalances of the jaws, finger sucking, airway issues. The best thing to do if you notice an open bite in a young [...]

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Mother’s Day 2019

Kragor Orthodontics is running a Mother's Day contest for this Mother's Day 2019. All you have to do is tell us something your mother ALWAYS says and you will be entered into our May contest for a pampering gift basket for your mom! You can do this at your orthodontic adjustment appointment, or on Facebook, [...]

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Woodstock Family Life Awards 2019

You nominated. We won! Kragor Orthodontics was nominated as best orthodontist in Woodstock Family Life Awards 2019! This is the second year in a row we have received this award. We are thankful for the Woodstock community who voted for us. You can view the other award winners here. A special thank you to our [...]

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Why Orthodontists Love

Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor published an article in the Townelaker and Around Woodstock December 2019 about how important it is for your child to be evaluated by an Orthodontist by age 7. This recommendation is made by the American Association of Orthodontists. They also discuss the need for rapid palatal expanders, and crossbites. You can read more it here. We hope you enjoy!

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We are featured!!!

Our office is so excited -- we are featured on this month's Townelaker for our article titled "The Right Age to See an Orthodontist." We truly believe it is an honor to be able to write articles for the Townelaker and enjoy being a part of our community. We hope our readers love it too! In [...]

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Front Cover for Kragor Ortho!!!

Our incredible Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor were featured on July's Woodstock Family Life July 2017's front cover and we couldn't be more proud! Not only do they look like rockstars (which goes along with their awesome personalities), but they have an awesome 2-page front cover story that is not only funny but informative and you [...]

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Kragor Orthodontics Open House

Our Kragor Orthodontics open house was a great success! We enjoyed all of the support from our local colleagues, patients, and members of our Woodstock community. It was so much fun and we gave away some awesome prizes too! We want to thank everyone who was in attendance for this wonderful event. And mostly [...]

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Grand Opening of Kragor Orthodontics

The grand opening of Kragor Orthodontics was held in December of this year--and we are excited. Now we can offer our orthodontic services to you and your family. All of the hard work finally paid off and Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor are a rare husband and wife team ready to grow their Kragor Orthodontic family. A special thanks [...]

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