Filler and Botox

Botox is often thought of as a way to reduce wrinkles, but there are a number of uses in dentistry.  Botox and dermal fillers can help minimize TMJ and migraine symptoms, as well as reducing gummy smiles and enhance smiles before during or after orthodontic treatment.  While Botox and other dermal fillers are similar, it’s important to know the difference.  Botox is derived from a neuromuscular toxin (botulinum), while most fillers are Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring nutrient that we lose as we get older.

Why choose an orthodontist for this treatment?  Dentists are especially adept at treating these conditions with Botox due to their extensive training and knowledge in oral and maxillofacial muscles.  In fact, dentists perform more injections in the oral and maxillofacial areas than any other medical practitioner.  By visiting a dentist for these procedures, you know they have the knowledge to ensure the proper injection sites for maximum relief.  Orthodontists are particular on the craniofacial structure and anatomy.  This provides a unique injection experience with the expertise of a doctor.  Our doctor performs all injections herself.

Dr. Ambre Kragor performs both filler and botox in our office for patients of record to help enhance smile esthetics before during or after orthodontic treatment.  Treatment is performed with a referral basis only.  Please contact our office if you are interested in treatment or pricing.

Tooth Whitening

Glo Teeth Whitening is awesome and is here to stay!  This is a great option to provide tooth whitening without having to sit in the chair of your dentist office for an hour.  Glo Teeth Whitening is available over the counter, but at a much less powered strength than what you can get at your dental office.  This is a very controllable, non-sensitive, quick option to whiten your teeth on the go.  It is a simple process the yields quick results to help enhance your smile.  It is a great option for our patients who have recently had their braces removed and are looking to whiten their teeth.  Our doctors have tried it themselves and they love it.  Read more about the Glo technology here.

Our office has a prescription percentage of Glo Whitening available to patients.  This is a higher prescription than can be purchased over the counter.  Contact our office today if interested in any at home whitening treatments.  For in office whitening treatments we do recommend speaking to your dentist for information.  Our office only offers at home whitening treatments.