Kragor Orthodontics’ Do’s and Don’ts for Candy and Braces

We love the holidays at Kragor Orthodontics, but for our patients with braces the months of October through December can feel like one long slog. Halloween launches the extended season of candy, candy everywhere, and until January 1st our patients with braces are tempted at every school, family or community event with treats that trick [...]

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Vote for Forky the Scarecrow!

Forky at the 2019 Woodstock Scarecrow Invasion Downtown Woodstock’s 2019 Scarecrow Invasion Kragor Orthodontics loves being a part of the vibrant Woodstock community! This year the annual Woodstock Scarecrow Invasion, we celebrate Toy Story 4 with our scarecrow Forky. You can vote for Forky at our office or at the Woodstock visitors center [...]

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Swipe Right for Adult Braces at Kragor Orthodontics

  Remember the last time you swiped right on a Tinder profile? I bet it was his smile. But before we get into the details of how your smile is the gateway to your future life of wine country dinners and weekends in Paris, let’s chat about the simplicity and results-oriented approach of adult aligners [...]

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Live. Laugh. Love. Smile.

Live. Laugh. Love. Smile. Kragor Orthodontics is so excited for this summer.  We think it will be the best summer yet!  In order to prepare you for the summer fun, we wanted to highlight a few things about us that make us really special.  And we mean really special.  We want you to Live, [...]

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4th of July in Downtown Woodstock

Kragor Orthodontics 4th of July Event in Downtown Woodstock Annually, Kragor Orthodontics participates in the downtown Woodstock event called The 4th Of July Freedom Festival and Parade.  We really enjoy participating in this event every year because it allows us to support our community of Woodstock, and observe our patients having a blast [...]

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Atlanta Top Dentist 2019

We did it again!  Atlanta Magazine hosts the "Top Dentists" feature every year.  This is a nomination, made by dental peers and colleagues only.  This year Dr. Kragor was featured in their March 2019 issue as a top dentist in the Atlanta proper area, in our beautiful state of Georgia.  Learn more details here [...]

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Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything when it comes to your child's teeth. Be sure to have your child evaluated by an AAO orthodontist to check for abnormalities and orthodontic treatment needs. Some things to look for are openbites, crossbites, crowding, spacing, habits, thumb sucking, and tongue habits. Be sure to have your child checked by age 7 for early intervention or treatment if needed.

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Open Bites in Young Patients

How does a young patient like this 7 year old present with an open bite? Open bites can be caused by many factors: thumb sucking, tongue tie, pacifier use in late years, skeletal imbalances of the jaws, finger sucking, airway issues. The best thing to do if you notice an open bite in a young [...]

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Mother’s Day 2019

Kragor Orthodontics is running a Mother's Day contest for this Mother's Day 2019. All you have to do is tell us something your mother ALWAYS says and you will be entered into our May contest for a pampering gift basket for your mom! You can do this at your orthodontic adjustment appointment, or on Facebook, [...]

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