Why Choose Us?

Free Consultation

We know that the decision to have orthodontic treatment is a big one, so we want you to make that decision with as much information as possible. We offer a comfortable, obligation-free initial consultation appointment that helps you learn more about your orthodontic treatment, as well as a better idea of what your or your child’s orthodontic needs may be.

Individual Treatment

At our office, you are not a number, or simply a patient—you’re part of our Kragor family! We create personalized individual treatment plans for you so that we deliver only the best results—the results that fit your needs and desires!


While many practices may offer some versions of orthodontic treatment, our office consists only of certified orthodontic specialists. Certification requires all of the training that general dentists need, plus several years of post-graduate specialty training in orthodontics. We focus solely on orthodontics so that we can provide you with the most effective and long-lasting results from treatment.


Dr. Andy and Dr. Ambre Kragor have been practicing orthodontics for many years and love watching their patients develop beautiful smiles. Having two orthodontists in one practice provides double the experience and expertise allowing our patients to have even better results at the end of treatment. Our doctors are up to date on their continuing education and are members of various dental associations in the dental community.

Talented Team

Our orthodontic treatment options mean very little without a competent, qualified staff to deliver them. That’s why we take pride in our professional and courteous staff. Our staff members have multiple certifications, and continue to improve and update their many skills through continuing education throughout the year. We are also customer-oriented, and work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and at-home in our office!

Latest Technology

We constantly strive for the best results for our patients, which also means we are dedicated to researching and employing the latest technology in the orthodontic field. Our technical advances provide multiple benefits for our patients, including faster, more accurate diagnoses, and more efficient and comfortable treatment.