Kragor Orthodontics knows if there is one gift you can give yourself that lasts a lifetime it is a beautiful smile. This holiday season as you create your wish list here are a few reasons to skip the cashmere and go straight to a complementary Invisalign consultation with Drs. Ambre and Andy Kragor.

The Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisalign can be more comfortable than traditional braces with less of an adjustment period. You hardly notice you are wearing your Invisalign aligners. This is one of the reasons it is the most popular aligner on the market.
  • Planning to be a bridesmaid in your best friend’s wedding? No problem. Invisalign treatment allows you to easily remove your aligners. Perfect for special events or your annual family photos. However we do find our patients think their selfies actually look better with their aligners in!
  • Invisalign is an excellent option for busy patients. If monthly appointments don’t fit well in your schedule, Invisalign treatment allows you to extend your appointment intervals to every 2-3 months between visits, , instead of the traditional 1 month interval.
  • Is a bright smile your jam? You can continue to whiten or bleach teeth during your Invisalign treatment if you wish.
  • Treatment time is similar whether you choose braces or aligners. Invisalign moves teeth just as quickly as braces without the need for brackets or arch wires.

When to Choose Braces Before Invisalign

  • Invisalign may be more comfortable and better looking than clear braces, but the treatment still requires commitment to work. If you don’t think you will wear your aligners, stick with braces.
  • There is a wait time to start treatment. It takes approximately a month to manufacture your aligners before you can begin. Kragor Orthodontics is often able to place braces within a day or so, sometimes the same day.
  • Invisalign is a third party company, so we have less control over shipping, or instant changes in your smile esthetics. Also, since it is a third party company, treatment costs more, unfortunately.
  • While there are no brackets or arch wires with your Invisalign treatment, the aligners still require small attachment buttons to the tooth.
  • Braces allow Andy and Ambre Kragor to have instant control of the movement of your teeth. The doctors have abilities to change something immediately if they see it. Tooth movement is not as predictable with  aligners – and if something needs to be changed, again you have to wait for shipping and turnaround for additional aligners.

Contact Kragor Orthodontics

Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor want you to have a gorgeous smile. They work with each patient to personalize their treatment to make sure you get the best results possible. Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign. More complicated cases may be best treated with physical braces. And some cases are better suited for aligners than others.  Every patient is different – thus it is important to see a specialized orthodontist to help you make these decisions.

Remember Invisalign treatment should always be done under direct supervision of a dentist or an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist, with additional 2-3 years of training to specialize in orthodontics. Call Kragor Orthodontics today at 770-485-8827 for an Invisalign consultation, and let Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor help you start the New Year (and new decade) on your way to a stunning smile.