live laugh love smile

Live. Laugh. Love. Smile.

Kragor Orthodontics is so excited for this summer.  We think it will be the best summer yet!  In order to prepare you for the summer fun, we wanted to highlight a few things about us that make us really special.  And we mean really special.  We want you to Live, Laugh, Love and Smile this summer!

  • We are on time — You never have to wait for your appointments.  How many times do you arrive to your appointment at a doctors office to have to wait 30 more minutes?  We know your time is valuable and try not to waste it!  We know our patients respect our time too because they are hardly ever late.
  • Our doctors are well trained— The residency they graduated from was The University of Michigan, the top orthodontic residency in the US!  They also graduated from the top dental schools in the nation!  This is unique and something we are proud of.  Dr. Ambre Kragor is also affiliated with the craniofacial team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite.  Not all orthodontists are qualified to treat these patients and we are lucky to have her.
  • Our team is experienced — The combined orthodontic knowledge from our team is outstanding!  They have been in the field many years and have seen it all.  They won’t disappoint you.
  • We use quality brackets and appliances — Our brackets are US made, we use quality materials, not what is least expensive.  We want the best for our patients and it shows in our products and services.  We use American made products by American Orthodontics.
  • Our practice is owned by our doctors — We are not owned by a large corporation or company who is not in the clinic every single day.  Our doctors make the business decisions and clinical decisions to best support our patient.  We shop small, and hope you do too!  We are a private practice, meaning our doctors are with us every step of the way.
  • We support our community — Y’all support us, thus we support you!  We strive to be as involved as possible in our patients’ lives and extracurriculars.  We attempt to donate time, money, and treatment to members of our community.  We support local schools and sports teams to show that we are part of this community and are proud of everyone!
  • We are fun — Most of all, we want you to have an amazing, and memorable experience while you are in braces or Invisalign with us.  We do not want this process to be dreadful, or uncomfortable in anyway.  We keep up with our patients, who have been out of braces for many years and it is incredible to watch their journeys and stay life long friends.
  • We will say thank you — The only reason our practice is successful is because of awesome people like you.  We appreciate the support, and trust that at the end of the day, helps us be who we are.  We want to say thank you for everyone involved!

At the end of the day, what makes us different from your average orthodontic practice is a gamut of things.  We have the best doctors, we are well trained, we have experience, we support our community, we are small and care about customer service, we appreciate the support, we will always say thank you, and we are fun!