adult braces, adult aligners, adult orthodontistRemember the last time you swiped right on a Tinder profile? I bet it was his smile. But before we get into the details of how your smile is the gateway to your future life of wine country dinners and weekends in Paris, let’s chat about the simplicity and results-oriented approach of adult aligners and adult braces at Kragor Orthodontics.

Most adult orthodontic consultations are free of charge, and if the cute meet story of Drs. Ambre and Andy  (think buy one get one Crest sale at Target – no, crowded subway in Madrid) doesn’t inspire you to slap a set of clear braces across your crooked grill immediately – well we might not be able to help you.

Dr. Andy knows first-hand the immeasurable value of a gorgeous smile. “Had I not been such a perfectionist about wearing my elastics, Ambre wouldn’t have given me a second glance let alone the twenty-second glance it took for her to notice me as barely spit out, “Advanced whitening – my favorite too…” Ahhh, a true love story in the toothbrush isle at Target. Look at them now. Straight up in love. No pun intended.

Let’s face it, adults searching for that knockout smile are looking for treatments that are inconspicuous without the you-remind-me-of -someone-I-knew-in eighth-grade stares of strangers. And they want their teeth to move fast… rocket ship fast. Lightening fast. Speed of light fast. Chick fil a drive through fast. Rest assured that Kragor Orthodontics has your back. In the age of chicken sandwich wars, there are vast options for adult orthodontic treatments. Clear aligners like Invisalign, clear braces, brackets set behind the teeth, or champagne gold braces that appear neutral in photos (as bougie as they sound, they really do look awesome). Drs. Ambre and Andy make it their priority that when you are detailing IPO plans to Silicon Valley venture capitalists, the focus is on your stellar quarterly earnings and not the stray rubber band launching from your mouth.

So if it is your first date or your Silver anniversary, you’ve just been made partner or you are retiring to Palm Beach, let Kragor Orthodontics help you step confidently into your life with a sweet smile. After all, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, and trust me, Dr. Andy does not rock an American flag Onesie without that stellar smile.

Ready to swipe right on a beautiful new smile? Call Kragor Orthodontics to plan treatment for your adult braces or aligners. I’m sure Drs. Andy and Ambre would be more than happy to help you with that!