Carriere Motion 3D

The Carriere Motion 3D is a great appliance that allows bite correction to be done early on in treatment opposed to waiting until the middle, when most children and teens have reached the “burnout” effect.  This appliance has the same effect as a traditional headgear, without the outside appearance.  It allows the top back molars to be pushed back, while holding the lower jaw in place.  This corrects the bite to an ideal bite, called a Class I molar to create a harmonious and even balance between the forces of your teeth.

The Carriere appliance requires about 3-6 months of elastic wear prior to braces or Invisalign being placed.  This is in lieu of having braces for about a year, then beginning bite correction.  This appliance works by the doctor attaching two small bars, and small brackets while the patient wears rubber bands.  Often times, with good elastic wear, the patient is out of braces sooner than with the traditional method.  Ask your orthodontist if this is an option for you with our complementary consultation!