Has the cost of braces been holding you back from having your children’s teeth straightened? Has financing stopped you from taking steps to improve your own oral health and appearance? Kragor Orthodontics is here to help you make the investment of a lifetime in your appearance and self-confidence – and it can be affordable!

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Another beautiful smile created by Kragor Orthodontics

A Lifetime Investment in Your Appearance and Self-Confidence

When reviewing expenses, Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor’s high quality, personalized approach makes orthodontic treatment a once in a lifetime investment. Orthodontic treatment often costs less than a typical cell phone bill, and it’s only for a relatively short time. It’s less than a Botox treatment that only lasts 3-4 months. It’s less than a car note, with an average turnover of three years for a car. But we have never had a patient state they regretted their orthodontic care! We are fortunate that all of our patients have been happy with their outcomes and their radiant smiles are the proof.

The length of time for a course of orthodontic treatment typically ranges from 9 to 36 months, and averages 18-24 months. Active cooperation reduces the time needed to move teeth into place. Avoid foods that shatter or stick to your braces to ensure brackets are not broken or shattered and no extra appointments are needed. Patients who are able to wear their Invisalign or aligner clear trays for as long as 22 hours each day also shrink the time required for treatment.

Office Financing

Kragor Orthodontics offers a 2% (Credit Card) to 3% (Check) discount for paying in full at the start of treatment. We offer discounts for educators, dental professionals, health care professionals and first responders as well. We offer discounts for siblings/family members in active treatment with us. We also offer an incredible twin discount too. Since each person’s treatment is so personalized, it’s impossible to estimate fees ahead of time.

Kragor Orthodontics also has flexible, in-house, 0%-interest financing with monthly payment options. Monthly payment amounts range from $50-$300 and depends on the down payment and insurance coverage. Payments are spread out over the course of the treatment length ranging from 9 months to 36 months in some cases, with an average of 24 months for a successful outcome.


Kragor Orthodontics files dental insurance for the patient if desired, and we can also accept benefits. Depending on the insurance coverage and the orthodontic treatment cost, insurance can pay up to 50% of the total cost of braces, often significantly reducing the overall treatment cost for the patient.  No insurance? No problem we have options for that as well.

Comparative Costs

The cost of living for Georgia, and particularly Woodstock, is low compared to other states. Nearby Atlanta’s Cost of Living Index is approximately 74 and is higher than Woodstock. The average Cost of Living for a family of four in Woodstock, Georgia is $6,690 per month. The cost of orthodontic treatment, calculated at $125 to $250 per month, is equal to only 1% to 2% of total costs, a small amount for so many benefits. A smile is a life long investment. The average person stays in their home for just 5 years, and the cost of moving can be more than the cost of braces.

Looking good and feeling good with a great smile.

Why Wait?

With all these options for getting started, why put off getting orthodontics treatment right away? Let Drs. Andy and Ambre move you forward with braces for you or your loved ones.

Summertime is the ideal time to start the braces process. It’s always the busiest time for orthodontics because children and young adults as well as teachers are out of school and have a little more free time. Also it allows the patient o get used to their new accessories prior to the school year. This year school is out in Georgia for the remainder of the school year, so now is a great time to get started.

Contact us today at 770-485-8827 or visit our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, and be that much closer to improved health and a sweeter, lifelong smile. We look forward to seeing you and cannot wait to build life long memories together!